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"You're on a first-name basis with a Grimm? Are you out of your mind?"

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it just hit me. it’s less than a week until grimm, and since we know that season 4 picks up where season 3 left off.. so what, all the drama again?? and nick is de-grimmed and shocked, and sean is kinda like not so alive??

i’m not prepared.


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where is this FROM?!?!? their smilesss!!!!

from 2x07. rare moment, ‘cause they both are pretty damn serious all the time, uuugghh.

Juliette will be so supportive of Nick’s new situation that she will want his Grimm powers to remain dormant for good. She will even head down to the Spice Shop, where she will attempt to keep Monroe and Rosalee from attempting to re-boot her boyfriend’s mojo.    

[rewatching the finale. some blah blah on acting because why not]

i love this scene at the wedding after trubel’s unexpected intrusion, and i absolutely LOVE how david managed to make this scene believable. in order to show the loss of nick’s grimm vision he’s performing it as if nick is actually losing his eyesight. while he obviously isn’t. but look at him.


he’s looking, but he’s barely focusing. it’s like he can’t just see things clear as he used to. 


so if the intention was to represent nick’s grimm blindness symbolically, then i’m totally sold.

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I'm relatively new to the grimm fandom and I'm looking for some more grimm blogs to follow and some good grimm/other graphic makers as well? Do you know any? thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome!

Strictly grimm blogs:






Not sure if it helps. At least something to start with.

i LOVE how nick burkhardt’s sarcasm works.

he’s mild and patient and even silent in general. but when he is pissed or stressed, or he feels vulnerable, he never hesitates to let his inner asshole out.

Adalind: Please, call me Adalind. All my friends do.
Nick: All your friends are dead.