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"You're on a first-name basis with a Grimm? Are you out of your mind?"

fic rec


Sasha Roiz. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. [x]

Nick: Watch your back.
Renard: Yeah, you too.

but do you guys follow The Grimm Network ?

they are actually cool.

no kidding.

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awww which scene was this

nick/juliette conversation from the last episode of season 2. wonderful scene actually, one of a few nick/juliette scenes i really loved. very emotional, but not sickly-sweet. also lines. and acting. brilliant. 

[in a process of rewatching]

did i ever mention how deeply i admire nick’s natural insensitivity to the verbal manipulation?

cos everyone is like:

you’re a grimm, nick, so stick to the order. go kill a thing, cos you’re a grimm, that’s what grimms do. follow the rules. shoot this person lying unconscious in the woods, cos you’re a grimm and he’s wesen. do the justice, as your ancestors did. that’s your duty.

and nick is like:


Captain Renard won’t be dying any time soon.
[1 - 10] Saddest Moments in TV; Grey’s Anatomy (Season 4 Episode 14);

↳ "I know me being here makes you uncomfortable, but I was trained not to leave a man when he’s down; our man is down.”