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"You're on a first-name basis with a Grimm? Are you out of your mind?"

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i definitely have seen a connection between them since she found out he’s a grimm but before that i thought they had very little chemistry

they became closer in a way, yes. nick doesn’t have to lie to her anymore and it’s a huge relief. although i still don’t see that they have a solid relationship. let’s be honest, nick was sexually assaulted and juliette decided to break up with him because of that. there’s something wrong about it, don’t you think?


Same. It feels too convenient. Plus I never really care for pre-established pairings.

in a measure, yeah. i also was never really fond of those tv couples who look like long term marriages. i guess i have weird preferences, i love attraction-repulsion dynamics and i love to see its developing from the start. plus juliette is not the type of character i usually fall for. i understand that they love each other, and it’s supposed to be a good thing (and it is), and i even have my favorite nick/juliette moments. i mean i see the appeal but it’s not my cup of tea.

my life would be so much easier if i could ship nick/juliette.

the way they look at each other, the way he smiles at her..

so much easier.

but nah we don’t look for easy solutions right?

Since there is this post going around, showing pictures of Hank, Sean, Nick and Eric accompanied with the phrase “I had sex with Adalind when I shouldn’t have.” and something like “They should have known better” in the caption, and made for laughs obviously, so I feel I need to clarify a few details.

You folks do realize that Hank, Sean and Nick are the victims of sexual abuse, right? They did not choose it. They were forced into it.

Hank was poisoned so he wasn’t capable of giving a valid consent to sex with Adalind. It was rape.

Sean was also influenced by the potion he took to cure Juliette, he suffered from obsession, so he agreed to have sex with Adalind just to blunt the thirst for a while.

Nick was just tricked and raped as well.

So doesn’t it look like making fun of victims to you?

Nick (David Giuntoli) is going through an identity-crisis now that his Grimm powers have been taken from him. “If they could cure him and if he could submit to that process, which is going to be horrible — or at least shocking — does he want to be a Grimm again?” Greenwalt says. “This will go on longer than the zombie thing [at the end of Season 2], but not just interminably. Long enough to really mine the issues around it.
Anonymous said:
Hi! Love your blog your gifs are perfection! Is there anyway you could do a set of Nick/Juliette best moments? I recently came across one for MonRosalee and now I desperately want one for Nickette! Please and thank you!

Thank you!!! I’m sorry, like I said already I can’t take any more requests, I still have two gifsets to make. I promise I’ll think about it later (weeks later). Sorry.

lynxrufus said:
Hello ! I just wanted to say thank you for this tumblr ! & all the winderful gifs ! that's it ! Thank you again ! :)

oh my god, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i still don’t fully understand how is that that you’re all, guys, being so nice to me, considering i mostly entertain myself here. but i deeply appreciate your kind words, that’s what makes me pretend from time to time that i run a decent blog.

Anonymous said:
Hi, can you please make gif's for two scenes between Nick and Juliette in 3x02: when he asks her to come to bed with him and she says no (kitchen scene), and later in bed, when he kisses her "to get his heart-rate up" and she pulls away? Weird, I know, but this would really make my day :) P.S. I love your blog: your'e truly the Grimm gif master!

okay, i’ll try my best)))) thank you for your kind words <3